About Us

Salus Express is a young and innovative company for transport. We want to our European neighbors and their pets provide a safe, reliable and fast transportation to any destination in Europe, in luxury cars with professional drivers, who have years and years of experience in operating a motor vehicle.

How and why we came to this idea?
Travelling with your car from some distant European country is hard and expensive, big crowd, nervous drivers, lassitude and long travels hard falls to people. That's why we decided to cut your torment and with our affordable prices attract you to sitt at the aeroplane and came to Croatia, where you will be welcomed by the driver at the airport.
Our driver will drop you off to the destination that you want, while you are passing trough wonderful Croatian landscape that will leave you breathless.
Give us a chance to show you that Salus Express is cheapest, topgallant and your best choice of transportation.